Anglo~Danish Maritime Archaeological Team


Sponsorship and Donations

Anglo~Danish Maritime Archaeological Team is supported purely by sponsorship and donations, by large and small sponsors. ADMAT is run as a non-profit organisation. Protecting historic shipwrecks and saving the Underwater Cultural Heritage from destruction, is a costly activity. Enabling students to learn and take part in underwater surveys and excavations requires funding and equipment. This equipment is expensive to operate and requires extensive training to enable the students to learn how to use it.

ADMAT concentrates mainly (but not exclusively) on post Columbus wrecks. Each year, hurricanes and tornadoes uncover these historic wrecks. Once uncovered, they are extremely vunerable to looting, destruction by the elements and worms. Furthermore there are wrecks which are in danger from developments.  ADMAT has information on approximately 1,000 historic wrecks all over the world that urgently need surveying and assessing, to see how they can be best protected. We operate with the local heritage organisations and governments, but the locations of these wrecks is often where local funding is simply not available.

With so many post Columbus wrecks, historic merchant and warships from the old European empires, we have a unique opportunity for Corporate Sponsorship. Our locations stretch from the Dominican Republic, St Kitts to Canada. Each wreck has fantastic promotional qualities in the worlds media for the sponsors, with live internet learning programs and education systems, the sponsors will be making a difference.

If you would like to support our maritime archaeological work, and help us record these historic wrecks before they are lost forever, then please contact the ADMAT office or We will be delighted to discuss sponsorship opportunities whether they be finance, equipment or services. There are entire projects which also can be sponsored. We can discuss your requirements with you and plan how you can benefit from the positive PR and mass media applications that our educational work produces. It some cases there may well be tax advantages for sponsoring this educational activity.

If you would like to support our work by sending any donations, they all will be gratefully received. Please submit any donation to "Anglo~Danish Maritime Archaeological Team" and mail it to: 6 Royal Mews, Hampton Court, East Molesey, Surbiton. Surrey. KT8 9BW. England.

We thank you for your time and consideration.