The Tile Wreck Maritime Archaeological Project

Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic, Caribbean
Photographs From The 2013-2014 Field Season

July 2013

Twenty eight meters due north of the mast step, along the keelson and to the seaward side of the wreck, a lead object was located. It was buried only 300 mm deep in sand and with no other apparent metal detector hit in the area. When it was uncovered it looked like a hawser pipe and as we assumed the bow was pointing towards the sea that was a logical hypothesis. However upon inspection, it appeared to be bent in at one end and the open end was torn. There was a seam but this was damaged. The open end has a shallow lip which had been flattened and the closed end was difficult to see. The length was 690mm with the open end being approximately 770mm and the closed end 660mm. the average thickness of the lead was 5mm.

The latest thinking is that this artefact is not a lead hawser pipe but a pisdale, a historic version of a urinal.  The object is now being conserved by ONPCS.