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Anglo ~ Danish Maritime Archaeological Team, or A.D.M.A.T. for short, is a Specialist Maritime  Archaeological Organization, with a scientific sub division in France called ADMAT- FRANCE. This is the non profit scientific arm of ADMAT; based at the Muséum National  d’Histoire Naturelle at Paris, départememt Préhistoire, UMR-CNRS 7194.

ADMAT is a non-profit educational scientific organization. Our aims are:

  • To conduct maritime archaeology in the Caribbean, assisting governments to survey and protect their underwater cultural heritage.
  • To assist volunteer - students to take part in maritime archaeological field excavations and surveys.
  • To protect the Underwater Maritime Cultural Heritage. We survey, record and advise on how to protect, shipwrecks from the old European empires.

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ADMAT Projects

ADMAT is currently running projects in The Dominican Republic and Canada.


The dates for 2015 Tile Wreck Project:

1st to 15th August. New Date


December 5th - 19th 2015   


Full information click here Tile Wreck 2015



Following the success of this summers survey mission to the  French Brig Le Casimir which was wrecked in 1829, we are pleased to announce the next survey on this shipwreck as:


27th June - 11th July 2015


11th July - 25th July 2015


Full information click here Le Casimir Wreck 2015

Contact Dr. Spooner on .




ADMAT returns from Le Casimir Wreck July 2014 Project, in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic.


This project was a great success and a lot of work  was undertaken and the extent of the remaining bow lower hull was greater than expected. This was made possible by the excellent scientific piece of equipment called the DX200 a hand held proton magnetometer which was kindly sponsored by Aquascan International in the UK.


For the summary and photos from the Le Casimir Summer 2014 Survey, click below.

Le Casimir Summer Project 2014


Photographs from The Tile Wreck May, July-August, December 2013 and the latest February 2014 please click on the link below.


Tile Wreck 2013-14


Above photos from the February 2014 Tile Wreck project

ADMAT is delighted to have an association with Muséum National  d’Histoire Naturelle at Paris, départememt Préhistoire, UMR-CNRS 7194.





2012 newsletter . Please click on the link below:

ADMAT 2012 Newsletter.


Photographs from the 2012 Island Wreck survey

Click here


The Thalassa France 3 national French TV Film Link

taken during the 2010 summer project: Click here


Photographs from the 2010 Tile Wreck project including the Thalassa France 3 national French TV; filming our work

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ADMAT Identifies French 1783 Warship as Le Dragon The Last French Warship Lost During The American War of Independence!

Click below for the press release

Press Release


ADMAT is a proud Member of the


des Explorateurs Français

ADMAT's Proud  Sponsors

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ADMAT BSAC Branch No:2349 For details how to join please contact Dr. Simon Spooner


Maritime Archaeological Students and Divers wanted ! Diving with a difference!

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