One of the anchors on the Island Wreck in Monte Cristi Bay

Wreck One 2016 Project

Field School/Volunteer Project Overview:

A RECCE was undertaken by ADMAT in 2005 by Dr. Spooner and Jeremy Schomberg and a new wreck site was thought to be in this survey area. The object of this project it to locate this wreck and survey it. We believe the wreck is located in 8-10 meters between the Island of Cabrita and the beautiful coral reef chain of the Severn Brother Islands in Monte Cristi Bay. The current initial hypothesis being that the ship might be one of the seven merchant ships which were sunk by a visiting French frigate in the mid 1700s. The French Captain thought France was at war with England and spotting seven merchant ships in the bay proceeded to attack and sink all of them. Once this was achieved he landed and reported to the French Prefect (local Governor) in Monte Cristi, only to be instantly arrested as England was at peace with France...

In 2016 a small survey team was set up to survey a section of the Historic Monte Cristi Bay. The next few pages will give you information on what was found and the challenges of conducting this type of survey with small boats.

ADMAT's maritime archaeological  work on this wreck site was assisted by ADMAT-FRANCE a non profit organisation based in the Institut de Paléontologie Humaine, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris.


ADMAT-FRANCE is a sub division of the Anglo ~ Danish Maritime Archaeological Team

ADMAT is delighted to have an association with Muséum Nationald’Histoire Naturelle at Paris, départememt Préhistoire, UMR-CNRS 7194.