Wreck Two 2017 Project


Dates: Group 1: July 1st to 15th July and Group 2: 15th July to 29th July 2017

The centre section of the "Wreck Two" in Monte Cristi Bay wreck site with many galley bricks, some mast rings and metallic items 

Field School/Volunteer Project Overview:

This is a unique opportunity to join ADMAT’s maritime archaeological project in the historic town of Monte Cristi on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. ADMAT is working with Oficina Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural Subacuático (ONPCS) and with the support of Medio Ambiente to conduct a maritime archaeological survey to find a new shipwreck which is located in Monte Cristi Bay. Very little is known about the ship so join the team to be at the beginning of a multi year project!

A RECCE was undertaken by ADMAT in March 2006 to locate Wreck One, a new wreck site was thought to be in this survey area. The Team led by Raimund Krob was using the side scan sonar to search and map the sea bed of Monte Cristi Bay.  Whilst Wreck One was not located, this target was.

At present we know the object of the survey is located in around 13.5 meters depth and consists of a small mound rising 1.3 meters high possibly 8 meters long (the visibility was bad on the only dive mate on the site). Bricks, quarried stones and a barrel hoop can be seen on the site as well as the fact that it rings with the metal detector. Bearing in mind that The Tile Wreck originally just had a few cannons on the sea bed before they were stolen and nothing else above the seabed, and the fact that on Wreck Two there are some items above the seabed, it is interesting. The Tile Wreck was buried and over the years we have revealed about 30 meters of lower hull and thousands of important artefacts. So with this new site it will be very interesting to see what is there. Additionally there are good marine life on the site including mature Lobsters and juvenile puffer fish. The lobsters are interesting as it proves that this site is not visited by local fishermen, which may well mean that this site not been looted. Time will tell as we investigate. 

Applications are invited from divers, students, archaeologists and volunteers (minimum age 18) wishing to participate in the project. Only six places per week are available, so this is a unique opportunity to have maximum hands on training.

The Team will be working on the wreck site in the mornings and working on the artefacts from The Tile Wreck in the afternoons and evenings. All training will be given for surveying and artefact handling. ADMAT's unique Underwater Survey Diver Course will be given and PADI members will receive the PADI speciality certification. 

For information look through the web pages below. For dates and availability please contact Dr. Spooner on: maritime_archaeology@yahoo.co.uk

Measuring the anchor to the North of Wreck Two

Measuring the anchor to the North of Wreck Two