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 Welcome to 2018 and ADMAT. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to this newsletter section. In all there are about 180+ pages on this web site including many of the one page newsletters as well as the five latest pdf newsletters and nearly 8,000 photographs. I see this newsletter as a vehicle for information, news and articles from everyone in the team.

 In February and March 2016 we conducted a new survey to locate the wreck we call Wreck One in Monte Cristi Bay, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. After two weeks of surveying using our Side Scan Sonar and with the assistance of a local fisherman we located a small wreck. We have called this new wreck Wreck Two. Currently there are ballast stones, fire bricks and mast rings. With the remains only rising 1.6 meters above the seabbed we believe there will be much more buried under the sand. John Downing and Raimund Krobe, led a team and surveyed the wreck in July 2017.

ADMAT-FRANCE is continuing to provide excellent archival research with a number of new French wrecks being discovered in the French archives by Florence Prudhomme and Dr. François Gendron. They are also very close to discovering the identity of The Tile Wreck which still eludes us. We know the date range of sinking 1720-1723, the mission and reasons for the granite blocks, the foundry of the French faienceware cargo, the quarry where the granite blocks were excavated, all we need now is the name of the ship. All the French research is collated at ADMAT-FRANCE's office which is located in the Institut de Paléontologie Humaine in Paris.

Our Dominican Republic maritime archaeological field school project, is continuing in 2018 on The Tile Wreck which sunk in Monte Cristi in the 1720's. Information on The Tile Wreck project can be found on this web site . In addition there will be a new project to survey the starboard side of Le Dragon in July 2018.

We are currently taking bookings for these wreck projects, so if you are interested in further information, please contact me as soon as possible on:

So to all the members, Museums, Universities, Archaeologists, Divers, Volunteers and Companies, I welcome you all to take part in any way you can. Whether this be to provide equipment, finance, manpower and support or to actually take part in the archaeological work; all assistance is greatly appreciated. I know that together we can save these important archaeological wreck sites placing the information and rescued artefacts in museums for generations to enjoy. In doing so we are preserving and protecting the underwater cultural heritage of the Caribbean and the world. 

I look forward to taking part in these exciting projects with you!  

Simon Q. Spooner

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