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2017 Wreck Two Project

Join the Team as we conduct a month long survey to identify as much as we can on this new shipwreck!

A RECCE was undertaken by ADMAT in March 2016 to locate Wreck One, a new wreck site was thought to be in this survey area. The Team led by Raimund Krob was using the side scan sonar to search and map the sea bed of Monte Cristi Bay.  Whilst Wreck One was not located, this target was.

John Downing led a team in the Summer 2016 and a lot of initial information was discovered. At present we know the object of the survey is located in around 13 meters depth and consists of a small mound rising 1.3 meters high possibly 17 meters long and 10 m wide. There are items which were discovered near the wreck site which may not be associated with it, including a very large anchor. There are many magnetic hits in the area of the wreck site and bricks, quarried stones and a barrel hoop can be seen.

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Later Event: 18 November
2017 Tile Wreck Project