Team Members Wanted For The Survey of Wreck Two, Part of ADMAT's Monte Cristi Maritime Archaeological Project

Following on from the exciting discovery of a new historic shipwreck in Monte Cristi Bay in 2016, The Team will be conducting a survey of this new wreck in July 2017. Divers, students and interested parties who want to join the Team for this exciting project should apply now as places are limited. The project will run from 1st July to the 29th July.

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The project, which will survey this new wreck site in Monte Cristi Bay on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, will use geophysical equipment to survey the historic wreck site. The site from initial RECCE is around 17 meters long and 10 wide, with most of it being buried under the sand. Currently there is part of the cargo scattered over the seabed, and the Team will be focusing its efforts in trying to locate the hull remains and any artefacts which will give an indication as to the age, nationality and purpose of the ship. Initial indications point to the vessel being pre 1800s and it is hoped that during the month long survey, a lot of information will be forth coming. This important work is being undertaken with the full support of the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Culture - Oficina Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural Subacuático (ONPCS) as well as the Ministry of Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales.  

Below a video taken of the wreck site during the RECCE in 2016