Florence working on archival documents for   Le Dragon  , he last French warship sunk during the American Revolutionary War

Florence working on archival documents for Le Dragon, he last French warship sunk during the American Revolutionary War


Florence Prudhomme, BA, MA, M.Litt  

A Short Biography

Florence Prudhomme, is the Secrétaire Générale for ADMAT-FRANCE. She organises all the French divers as well as promoting ADMAT's educational work in France. Florence was part of the research team headed by Dr. François Gendron, who successfully interpreted the archaeological data and wrecking processes calculated by Dr. Simon Spooner on The Perfume Wreck. Florence and Dr. François Gendron then successfully found all the archives into the sinking of The Perfume Wreck, which was actually called Le Casimir. The archival story and testimonials from the survivors of the sinking of Le Casimir, confirmed Dr. Spooner’s wrecking process 97%

Florence identified the Carron Wreckas Le Dragon when following the archaeological clues and the ships construction found during Dr Spooner's survey work, she discovered the complete and epic story in the French archives. Le Dragon was the last French warship to be lost in the American Revolutionary War in 1783 and followed an epic battle. The ship was carrying important secret documents for the King of France and was being chased by the English Admiral Hood's squadron. The story of the epic battle and the heroic action of Le Dragon's Captain can be found in our newsletters. Florence has now started to find vital confidential documents which were connected with Le Dragon which show light on a secret order or "league of gentlemen", financed by the King of France and were to decide how the Americas should be ruled following England's defeat by France. Sadly for France this never happened, but these important documents show light on the French and the American rebels including Benjamin Franklin.

Florence is one of the main contacts with the French National museums. She is a trilingual (English & German) postgraduate in international relations at the University La Sorbonne (Paris). Florence followed a 3-years training with the conservation, restoration and preservation, works of art. She can be seen in action working on a painting at http://www.atelierdutempspasse.fr/

Florence is now in her second year at University La Sorbonne where she is undertaking a PhD in Maritime and Archaeological History.

As a 3-stars CMAS diver and having the French equivalent of HSE Scuba (certificat d’aptitude à l’hyperbarie, classe 2, mention B), Florence has dived all over the world and has successfully achieved the ADMAT’s Underwater Survey Diver certificate. She is also an advanced Nitrox Diver and qualified at the level of Inspiration Rebreather. Florence also has a Coxswain's licence.

Florence is the Vice President of the Parisian Commission for Archaeology of the French Diving Society. She took an active part in ADMAT's St. Kitts Maritime Archaeological Project on The White House Bay Wreck. In 2006, Florence joined the Team in Monte Cristi to survey the 1760's Faience Wreck.

 She was invited to give lectures at the castle of Vincennes presenting ADMAT's activities and the British archives. She`s conducting many researches in the French archives and especially in the Archives Nationales on the area of Monte Cristi Bay in the Dominican Republic. She has found many documents relating to the wrecking of French ships and old maps of the French navigators revealing the common mistakes of the mapping at this time period