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  ADMAT & ADMAT USA To conduct A Maritime Archaeological Survey For NOAA


ADMAT & ADMAT USA Conduct Survey Under NOAA Permit

The Anglo~Danish Maritime Archaeological Team (ADMAT) and it’s US sub-division ADMAT USA, both non-profit organisations; are proud to announce that the team under the leadership of well known maritime archaeologist Dr. Simon Q. Spooner; have been given Survey/Inventory Permits by NOAA. The permits will enable ADMAT to conduct maritime archaeological surveys of a number of historic wrecks in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Reports generated by ADMAT will be used by the Sanctuary to help protect these important Maritime Heritage Resources.

ADMAT’s first project will be to survey the “Button Wreck” a possible 1760’s wreck in the northern sector of the sanctuary. The archaeological work will be conducted as a field school and commences on the 19th July to the 9th August. The field school is open to all divers, students and archaeologists. Full information can be found on ADMAT’s web site under “Florida”.

Dr. Spooner stated upon receiving the permits:

“At ADMAT, we are all extremely excited about this opportunity to help protect the Underwater Cultural Heritage of the Florida Keys. Conducting maritime archaeological surveys for NOAA and FKNMS in the Florida Keys is a great privilege. Documentation of these historical wrecks, will add to the knowledge of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. We shall be working hard to ensure, that we document these historic shipwrecks for future generations. Our educational field schools will enable all who participate to learn about the preservation of the US historic shipwrecks, ship construction, survey methodology, geophysical survey, archaeological diving methodology, in-situ artefact recording and many more aspects of maritime archaeological work. We welcome all to take part, in what ever way you can, with this exciting project and help protect the USA’s Underwater Cultural Heritage.”

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