Florida Keys Maritime Archaeological Field School

In The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Photographs From The 2005 Field School On The Button Wreck

19th July to 9th August 2005

Due to the location of this wreck site, each day about 2 hours were spent in three boats, going and returning from the site. The boats had already been kindly donated along with their Captains by local dynamic enthusiasts. Captain “JJ” Kennedy would be in command of, Denis B. Trelewiez’s boat which was used for the whole period. Captain “JJ” Kennedy also had his own boat which was available. The second boat was a very smart powerboat Trans Action which was owned by Capt Hyatt Hodgdon. Hyatt Hodgdon also very kindly made his home and dock available for us to use as a dock and dive equipment storage facility. This facility was used for the entire project and we are very grateful to Hyatt Hodgdon for this which was a massive benefit. The third large boat Ocean Fox was provided by Capt Bob Hills, which was a Coast Guard Auxiliary. His extensive knowledge of the reefs was a great assistance. It would be correct to say that ADMAT has never had such luxurious boats from which to conduct our work and we are very grateful to the three Captains and Denis Trelewicz.