The Island Wreck Site Underwater And Associated Photographs - Saxonia Reef

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While examining the wrecking process for The Island Wreck we were looking seaward from the site to determine if the ship hit another reef before hitting the island reefs and ending up in its current position. One reef which was in alignment was a reef called the "Canon Ballast Reef" or Saxonia. This is a small reef which rises from the deep sea floor on the edge of the Monte Cristi Bank and is approximately 12 miles out from the shore. Here there is a pile of cannon balls, and what appears to be iron ballast blocks in beautiful scenery and clear water.

The Team spent a dive on the site, looking at the cannon balls and analysing the site. The Cannon balls and ballast are in two piles which are consistent with these items being thrown off both sides of a ship at the same time. However this raises a few questions as the depth is around 8 meters which is too deep for grounding. If that was the case then why deposit them on the only shallow section of a bank which goes down to 36 meters as it is unlikely that these items were worthy of the effort to salvage them in the future. Therefore why are they there and not in deeper water??

ADMAT's maritime archaeological  work on this wreck site was assisted by ADMAT-FRANCE a non profit organisation based in the Institut de Paléontologie Humaine, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris.

ADMAT-FRANCE is a sub division of the Anglo ~ Danish Maritime Archaeological Team

ADMAT is delighted to have an association with Muséum Nationald’Histoire Naturelle at Paris, départememt Préhistoire, UMR-CNRS 7194.