Stephen Abell with demonstrating to Dominican students, a cargo pully block (missing the wooden section)from   The Tile Wreck  , which is in one of the conservation tanks

Stephen Abell with demonstrating to Dominican students, a cargo pully block (missing the wooden section)from The Tile Wreck, which is in one of the conservation tanks

Archaeologist & Archaeological Media Producer

Stephen Abell

Short Biography

Steve Abell is an Archaeologist and Archaeological Media Producer for ADMAT. He is from Louisville, Kentucky (USA).

Steve is an avid adventure enthusiast who enjoys both scientific and recreational diving and has his open water Diver and Underwater Survey Diver certifications. Steve Attended the University of Louisville in Kentucky where he received BA’s in History and Anthropology as well as completing UofL’s 6 Week Archaeology Field School where he studied under Dr. Michael Jay Stottman of the Kentucky Archaeological Survey in 2010. Steve has and continues, to volunteer with the Kentucky Archaeology Survey assisting in field excavations that focus on privy research in urban and historical archaeology in and around Louisville. Steve has also volunteered as a shovel bum at the Cahokia Mounds outside of St. Louis, MO (USA).

A certified Project Management Professional, PMP, Steve is currently employed with Kentucky Fried Chicken in Louisville as a Senior IT Analyst in Security and Network Operations Control developing IT security and network monitoring systems and processes. Steve is very passionate about step changing the way KFC and its parent company YUM! Brands uses proactive IT monitoring and automation in supporting their franchisees and restaurant staff.

Steve got his start with ADMAT by volunteering on the July 2016 Wreck Two Expedition as an underwater archaeology greenhorn. Despite his inexperience in underwater excavation and being a new diver, Steve quickly dug in and used his years of experience in historical artifact analysis to assist in dating and identifying bottles, ceramics, and brick cargo from Wreck Two.

After securing the donation of a new state of the art Paralenz Dive Camera for ADMAT from the Paralenz company, Steve Returned to the Dominican Republic in 2017 as Project Leader John Downing’s assistant. Using his experience from his first trip, Steve assisted in the training and development of new volunteers while growing his know how on running projects in the Dominican Republic. As an avid video enthusiast Steve has developing and testing an underwater 360 VR camera system to help further bring ADMAT’s work to life through digital media. Through this passion Steve partners with ADMAT president Dr. Simon Spooner to produce ADMAT’s latest video publications.

When Steve isn’t working to help KFC sell chicken, diving, or producing ADMAT videos, he enjoys cooking, trivia night, bourbon with friends and family, and playing World of Warcraft. Steve is also a proud pet parent to a 7 year old Akita named Ronin!