Project Leader Raimund Krob on the 1829 Le Casimir site

Project Leader Raimund Krob on the 1829 Le Casimir site

Project leader

Raimund J. Krob, PMP.

Short Biography

Raimund lives in Locust Hill, Ontario, Canada with his wife Lauren and has been an ADMAT Project Leader since 2016. He is the proud father of three grown children and speaks fluent English and German, passable French, and is working on his Spanish. In April of 2016, Raimund retired from Bell Canada after 35 rewarding and enjoyable years of service, culminating in the role of Senior Project Manager in Bell’s Business Markets division. No-one, however, has noticed any signs of Raimund slowing down.

Since first joining ADMAT for the Island Wreck expedition in 2012, Raimund has logged more than 1,000 hours under the water working on the many historical shipwrecks in the Dominican Republic. He has conducted maritime archaeological surveys on The Island Wreck, Le Casimir, The Tile Wreck, Wreck Two and the Wreck One survey. In February of 2014 Raimund earned his ADMAT’s Artefact Handling Level 1 certification on The Tile Wreck expedition and in July of the same year he earned his ADMAT’s Artefact Handling Level 2 and ADMAT’s Underwater Survey Diver Level 2 certifications on the Le Casimir expedition. In March of 2016 Raimund earned his ADMAT Project Leader Level 1 and his Maritime Archeological Geophysical Level 1 certifications working on the Wreck One survey, and then in July of 2017, Raimund earned his Project Leader Level 2 certification on the Wreck Two survey. In 2018 he was the Project Leader for Le Dragon/Washington survey and will continue his excellent work as Project Leader for Le Dragon Project in 2019. Raimund is a classic example of an ADMAT student working his way through the ranks to leadership position, very successfully, as they say.

Raimund has over 5,000 logged dives under his belt divided fairly evenly between recreational, instructional, and archaeological. He also serves concurrent roles in the following three organizations:

Save Ontario Shipwrecks (SOS):

SOS is an organization dedicated to the protection, preservation, and promotion of maritime archaeological sites (primarily historical shipwrecks) in the province of Ontario. Raimund joined SOS in 2002 and earned the Nautical Archaeology Society’s NAS1 certification later the same year.

In 2006 Raimund became the Dive Leader of a 5-year long maritime archaeology project under the permission of the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport.  The project involved surveying the historical shipwreck of the Sligo in Lake Ontario, Canada, at a depth of 25 metres, taking hundreds of measurements every spring and fall for 5 consecutive years to determine if there was any observable seasonal variation in the rate of deterioration of this shipwreck. In 2007 Raimund became the Mooring Program Coordinator for the SOS Toronto Chapter, and since 2009 Raimund has served as SOS’ Provincial Mooring Program Chair, responsible for a team of regional mooring program coordinators who place and maintain SOS moorings on more than 100 historical shipwrecks in Ontario waters.

Ontario Underwater Council (OUC):

OUC is the de-facto Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) for the sport of scuba diving in the province of Ontario. Raimund became an OUC member in 1981, and in 2000 he became an OUC Regional Coordinator representing the Eastern Greater Toronto Area. A few years later he also took on the role of OUC Director of Sport Safety. Raimund subsequently served as OUC President from 2005 to 2011 and was awarded the OUC’s L. CDR Ken Grant Memorial Trophy for exceptional and sustained service to the OUC.

It was during his Presidency that he met Dr Simon Spooner who was in charge of all underwater cultural heritage and shipwrecks in Ontario, as the Marine Heritage Advisor for the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Ontario. Dr Spooner was responsible for a massive area, 158,000 sq miles of water, 250,000 lakes and over 100,000 km of rivers; and the entire Canadian side of the Great Lakes. This included the famous 1812 American warships the USS Hamilton and the USS Scourge which were gifted to the people of Canada in an unprecedented way and the modern Edmund Fitzgerald. Raimund and the OUC as well as SOS were a major help to Dr Spooner in protecting the underwater cultural heritage and were the unsung heroes in the Ministry's protection policy.

As Director of Sport Safety for the Ontario Underwater Council, Raimund liaised with municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government, including Municipal Police, the Provincial Coroners’ Office, Parks Canada (Federal), and the Canadian Coast Guard (Federal), in activities ranging from investigating scuba incidents and publishing recommendations to prevent recurrence to developing scuba diving safety program.

Today, Raimund continues to serve as OUC Past President & Advisor to the Board and is an OUC Gold Life Member.

Scarborough Underwater Club Inc. (SUCI):

SUCI is one of Ontario’s largest and longest established scuba diving clubs and promotes safety, adventure, fun, and education in the sport of scuba diving. Raimund holds numerous PADI diving certifications from SUCI’s Training Program including Open Water Diver,  Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, Dive Master, Open Water Instructor, and numerous speciality ratings. Raimund also served on SUCI’s Executive in a number of roles including 1st Vice President, President, and Training Director. Today, Raimund is SUCI’s most senior instructor and runs the Club’s Discover Scuba, Advanced Open Water, and Dive Master courses.