Student Homework

On our web site there is a wealth of information, which will enable the particpants to fully understand the maritime archaeological skills and processes. It is advised that all participants read, watch and take in the information prior to arriving for the projects.

Lecture One

This is the first lecture from the ADMAT's "Excavating Shipwrecks " lecture series. This lecture talks about what is maritime archaeology, as well as some basic ships construction we are likely to see on the remains of the historic shipwrecks in the Dominican Republic. It is then followed by the "The Tile Wreck" lecture giving a lot of information on this important French armed merchant ship, which we believe was built around 1690 and sunk between 1720 and 1723.  It further shows the forensic investigation of the artefacts on this ship and the 25 meters long remaining lower hull section, which enabled the Team to put forward a hypothesis as to what mission the ship was on. A lot of work has been undertaken by the Team as well as Dr Francois Gendron and PhD student Florence Prudhomme from ADMAT-FRANCE .

ADMAT-FRANCE is a non profit organisation based in the Institut de Paléontologie Humaine, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris and is a sub division of the Anglo ~ Danish Maritime Archaeological Team.