ADMAT's St Kitts Maritime Archaeological Project 2003

Phase 1 White House Bay Wreck

Diving and Underwater Pictures. Page 1

Launching the Boats and Making the Survey Grid

This first page shows the Team with the great assistance of the St. Christopher-Nevis Defence Force and Coastguard, launching ADMAT's pontoon boats which would be used to float the Kawasaki water pumps and allow us to use the water dredge. In Southampton we had the assistance of Geest who loaded the pontoon boats with fork lift trucks, here in St Kitts it was the coastguard muscle power!

Once the pontoons were in place the team built the first of two sections of survey grid. These were made up of 1 metre PVC square grids which were assembles and painted. The PVC was very kindly sponsored by Dee Cee Trading Company Limited, who are a local company on St Kitts. The grid was then carried and floated out to the wreck and lowered on site, pegged and made ready. 

The assembling of the grid which fitted the site was part of ADMAT's PADI Speciality Course "Underwater Survey Diver".