ADMAT's St Kitts Maritime Archaeological Project 2003

Phase 1 White House Bay Wreck

Base Camp Page 3

With the base camp being put together, our thanks go to the local volunteers who assisted with unloading all the equipment and putting the tents up. The volunteers comprised of, Dr. Ron Jorgenson, Faculty member of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College on the island, Lt. Maloney, 2Lt. Lynn Wilkins and Sergeant Brian Mills and the St Christopher & Nevis Defence Force and Coastguard, Vandel Berry and his two sons, Christopher and Sinclair who excelled them selves in assisting us with the tents, Dierdre Stubs and Hazel Brooks.

We are also extremely grateful to Delisle Walwyn & Co. Ltd for providing the PVC piping for the water and the Water Department for arranging a water connection, so we could have fresh water on tap. This water was excellent and crystal clear being better than bottle water!

Once the word had got out that there was water on this end of the island, the cows decided to take up residence, which was an interesting experience, as they went all over the place.