ADMAT's St Kitts Maritime Archaeological Project 2003

Phase 1 White House Bay Wreck

Base Camp Preparation Page 1

The whole project would not have been possible without the dedicated team work in preparing and collecting all the necessary equipment, as well as sponsorship from a number of companies. Bob Williams of Aquascan International Ltd, very kindly lent us a drop camera, metal detectors and a Proton Magnetometer. Steve Robinson from The Geest Line gave the project fantastic support in sponsoring the loan and shipping of two containers, from the UK to St Kitts and back. 

The Late WO2 Mick Culling, Director of ADMAT and our quartermaster amongst other jobs undertook the massive task of collecting, scrounging and commandeering about 20 tonnes of equipment necessary for the project. To the team's great sadness he died in late December 2002 prior to the project actually starting. His task was taken over by Andy Shrimpton and Jeremy Schomberg. In late February we were informed that most of the equipment that was to be loaned to us by the British Army was needed in the Gulf War. This created a major problem in that we needed to find replacement equipment in under a week to make the shipping deadline. Andy and Jeremy achieved nothing short of a miracle in obtaining all the necessary equipment from friends, scout units, Rutlish Combined Cadet Force, 151 Regiment PLC (V) and the Bank of England Sports and Social Club. the equipment was then loaded into the containers on the 22nd February 2003, in time for shipping.

The team members who put all the equipment together and then assisted in transporting it down to Southampton were:

Chris Arnold, Christine Nielsen, Dr. Toby Parker, Jeremy Schomberg, Andy Shrimpton and Simon Spooner. We also thank Geest Shipping for their kind assistance in the shipping of the equiment as well as assisting us with loading the boats.