ADMAT's St Kitts Maritime Archaeological Project 2003

Phase 1 White House Bay Wreck

When flying to St. Kitts, Florence Prudhomme was seated next to a pilot, Alan Winicky, living on nearby caribbean island of St. Barts. Florence told him about the ongoing maritime archaeological special project run by ADMAT. Alan then kindly offered to take 3 people from the project for a little aerial survey in his plane over White House Bay. We took him up on the offer and Dr. Spooner, Florence Prudhomme and Christine Nielsen had an interesting flight.

Looking down on White House Bay and on to Frigate Bay, it became obvious that there aere a few intersting areas in the bay. Seaweed growth in some places having lines which indicated that there was somthing below the sand. Other areas possible ballast piles. The flighht gave us all a bigger picture and greater perspective on the bay which was very usefull.  We invisaged the famous Battle of Frigate Bay in 1782 and the two main battle groups fighting it out. A big thank you to Alan ....