Le Dragon Wreck 2018 Project

Training and Public Lectures

ADMAT was set up to conduct a number of tasks, one of which is to educate. The Team during the project was able to successfully complete a number of specialist maritime archaeological courses. These courses included ADMAT’s Proton Magnetometer Diver and Underwater Survey Diver courses, both of which are PADI Specialist courses and are unique to ADMAT.

In addition, there are training courses and levels within the ADMAT Team Leaders. These allow someone to rise up the ranks and to build up their skills training on: maritime archaeology, underwater survey, artefact handling and conservation, mapping and scale drawing, geophysical equipment, project leadership and logistics. When they pass through the various levels then they are able to assist with the project and eventually lead the project themselves which is a great accomplishment.

In addition ADMAT always is pleased to educate the public and frequently holds open sessions where the general public can come and learn about our work assisting ONPCS and the Government of the Dominican Republic in protecting their islands great underwater cultural heritage. During this project we were pleased to welcome a group from Santo Domingo.

At the end of the Project the Team awards are given which proves that they have achieved a certification level for various courses.

Where will you be during July 2019?

Why not come and join the 2019 Team as they continue the maritime archaeological survey of

Le Dragon!