Le Dragon Wreck 2018 Project

Port Side Amidships

Normally the wreck is totally buried under a number of meters of sand with only the top of the ballast showing. When we arrived on Le Dragon as previously stated the storm had uncovered a lot. The timbers floors and futtocks on the port side amidships section from the main mast step forward for say 20 ft were uncovered. The ends of the frames were covered with algae. We noted that the sandbags from the 2000 survey were partly in place but the ones covering the frames had been moved by the storm. We found the tags for frames 19 & 25 which were good to see, and that the markers had remained on the plastic tags for 18 years underwater.

The storm and worms have slightly affected the ends of the floors and futtocks which is to be expected. All the visible floors were re tagged from 19 to 37 on the port side. They were measured and drawn and then re-covered with interlocking sandbags.