Le Dragon Wreck 2018 Project

Starboard Side Amidships

The storms had uncovered the amidships section of the starboard side. This meant that we could easily access some of the floors and futtocks and could measure them and investigate them for the first time. The Team tried to compare the frames on the port side with the starboard, but it seemed that some of the starboard side timbers had been replaced or repaired and so the thickness of the timbers did not match the corresponding timbers of the port side. In addition there was the usual worm damage which made understanding the floor futtock configuration a challenge.  It is hoped that during the 2019 survey we will be able to clear a tunnel through the sand which is between the floors and futtocks on one section of the port side right through to the starboard. This assumes that there is a gap next to the floors which continues over the keel and under the keelson. In July 2019 we will know.

All the visible floors were tagged, measured and drawn and then re-covered with interlocking sandbags.