ADMAT Adopts Another Adorable Puppy Dumped On The Road.

Isabella Joins The Team

Isabella or IZI for short, rescued from the road

Isabella or IZI for short, rescued from the road

Well, another adoption. One night at about 11 pm I heard funny cries and squeals from the road. So I went to investigate. In the dirt road there was something small fury and black, moving. At first, I thought it was a kitten, but when I got closed I found it to be a small puppy, barely able to walk and probably about 3 weeks old. It probably had been dumped there, and it was extremely lucky that the cars had missed it. I took it in and waited to see if anyone came looking for it. No one, so I called the team who were out at dinner, and announced that Basil had a sister!

For the next week the team were thinking of names and eventually agreed on Isabella after the Spanish Queen who sponsored Columbus's epic voyages and has the first settlement in the New World named after her. We were also going to undertake a field school with Indiana University at Isabella and we would have to take the puppy with us on Passion to be able to look after her.

Many sleepless nights were required by Christine and me, as Isabella needed a pee break about seven times a night and regular bottle feeding.