ADMAT Goes Buddy Inspiration

Florence qualified ready to dive to the depths!

Florence qualified ready to dive to the depths!

ADMAT's French counterpart from ERIMAT Florence Prudhomme has recently been sponsored a full IANTD course on how to use the Buddy Inspiration re-breather. Here is her story on the course.

Welcome to the Buddy Inspiration!

With the beginning of the year 2004, I had the opportunity to try out Buddy Inspiration. The Buddy Inspiration is a closed circuit system which means that the breathing gas is continuously recycled in a closed loop. The training course made by IANTD for using The Inspiration Closed-Circuit takes 6 days. Within this period of time, the program has provided me with a very thorough introduction to equipment servicing fundamentals and a great pleasure to a new way of diving. Without bubbles and without any noise, I could enjoy the strange sensation of the real world of silence!

The first day was devoted to the technical part of the course; I had to open the big yellow box and dismantle the whole system for a better understanding: the 2x3 litre cylinders, one for oxygen, one for diluents (air or trimix) with contents gauges for both, the Sofnolime filter which absorbs the Carbon Dioxide (see picture) and then to put them together again.

The Buddy Inspiration Rebreather

The Buddy Inspiration Rebreather

I was looking forward the second day as it was the first test in the swimming pool to get used to the practical part of the system. After a few problems to deal with my 2 over-the-shoulder counter lung breathing bags, I managed to dive and began playing with the 2 computers controlling the oxygen levels, the second of which is a backup slave. I was checking the 2 set points for the partial pressure of oxygen (0,7Bar- 1,3 Bars) and trying to change manually the set points.

The last 4 days have been spent in the sea. At that moment I really discovered the advantages of the Buddy. Whilst the total weight was about 30kg on my back and there was a real problem of transportation to the boat or for feeling very comfortable; I really appreciated the possibility of extending dive times. this was achieved by injecting manually the diluents volume as the counter lung collapses with increasing depth and at last of having a greater safety feeling underwater!

As a whole, I would say that I was quickly converted to the closed-circuit system and wish to have done it before.


Translated from French February 2004