ADMAT's Kathy Schubert Takes To The Skies

Kathy at the controles after her solo flight

Kathy at the controles after her solo flight

Kathy takes up the story of her experiences:

"During 2004, I took the opportunity in between ADMAT projects to pursue my dream of flying helicopters.  After I completed my introductory flight, I knew I was hooked!  Flying a helicopter is a very different challenge than flying airplanes.  There are so many components to coordinate; both feet and each hand operates a different mechanism to keep the helicopter in the air.  The right hand controls the “cyclic”, which moves the helicopter forward, aft and side to side.  The left hand controls the “collective”, which provides power to the aircraft, allowing it to move vertically (up and down).  The foot pedals control the horizontal movement, providing rotation left and right, like the needle of a compass lying flat on the palm of your hand.  Trying to coordinate all of these components together, in addition to navigation, is quite a juggling act!

I am currently half-way through my training, and can fly a helicopter on my own now.  The aircraft that I train in is a model called Schweizer, and it looks like a bubble with a tail.  But it is light and responsive.  The next part of my training will focus on practicing emergency procedures, such as what to do in the event of engine failure.  I hope to have my license my mid-2005, and am excited about completing it!"

We congratulate her on this high flying achievement!

Below: Kathy surfacing from surveying The White House Bay Wreck and as she takes to the skies.