Explorer Cases Sponsored To Protect ADMAT

The Anglo~Danish Maritime Archaeological Team (www.admat.org.uk); are pleased to announce that Forward Diving Services have sponsored ADMAT with a number of excellent EXPLORER CASES, to protect their scientific equipment on their archaeological projects.

EXPLORER CASES (www.exploreruk.com) give ADMAT 100% protection in the transportation of our sensitive equipment. This range of waterproof, weatherproof and crushproof equipment is built to withstand the rigors of the most demanding maritime archaeological use. The cases are watertight to a depth of 10m, and comply with the highest STANAG and IP67 approvals. The EXPLORER range use the o-ring and purge valve to equalize the internal pressure quickly and effortlessly in the event of sudden changes of altitude or temperature in the tropics and resist oils, chemicals and corrosive substances.

ADMAT will be using EXPLORER CASES on all future projects. The team under the leadership of well-known maritime archaeologist Dr. Simon Q. Spooner; have been given Survey/Inventory Permits by National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The permits will enable ADMAT to conduct maritime archaeological surveys of a number of historic wrecks in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Reports generated by ADMAT will be used by the Sanctuary to help protect these important Maritime Heritage Resources.

Dr. Spooner stated upon receiving the EXPLORER CASES:

“We at admat are delighted to receive sponsorship of EXPLORER CASES from Forward Diving. We have utilised various cases in our chosen colour of Orange which is highly visible & vital to protecting our equipment in the field. The Back pack carrying systems offer excellent flexibility together with the unique padded bags designed to protect smaller pieces of equipment within the case. Thanks to Keith Forward and Julie Saunders for their sponsorship”. 

 ADMAT’s next project will be to survey the “Button Wreck” a possible 1760’s wreck in the northern sector of the sanctuary. The archaeological work will be conducted as a field school and commences on the 19th July to the 9th August. Full information can be found on ADMAT’s web site www.admat.org.uk under “Florida”.

Dr. Spooner can be contacted at simon@admat.org.uk

Julie Saunders from Forward Diving can be contacted at info@exploreruk.com

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