Students Lend a Hand in the Preparation for The White House Bay Project at White House Bay in St Kitts

As part of the preparations for the Maritime Archaeology Survey to be conducted here on St. Kitts at White House Bay next month, a group of students from the Montessori Academy at Wades Gardens, ranging from 5 to 12 years of age, undertook a clean up of the site today Friday 7th March, where the operations camp for the Project is to be erected. These students under the guidance of their teacher Hazel Brookes, who is also a member of the Project Organizing Committee, did this exercise as part of the school's commitment to increasing awareness and care of the environment, an integral part of their school’s programme.  The garbage collected was disposed of in a responsible manner. The students will continue to visit the project area during the actual archaeological expedition thereby learning responsible ways of caring for marine sites.

This is just one of the examples of the in-country involvement in the arrangements being made for the Maritime Survey which will be conducted by the Anglo-Danish Maritime Archaeology Team (ADMAT) under the leadership of Simon Q. Spooner. The Team of between 15 to 20 persons comprises professionals as well as university students who will be training during the four weeks the study is expected to last. It is anticipated that locals will be involved in the maritime archaeology recovery and preservation. The St. Christopher Heritage Society is the facilitating agency and the project itself has been endorsed by the Ministry of Heath and Environment.

In a familiarization visit made by members of the ADMAT team in September last year, much enthusiasm was expressed by government officials and the private sector for the project which was seen as a potential additional tourist attraction for our country. The assistance of both government departments and private companies is being sought to ensure that the project comes off successfully and that it will continue to yield information and artefacts which will help better inform us about our country’s maritime past. Already three historic wrecks have been found in the area and this study will explore those already visible as well as seek out others through the use of highly sensitive equipment. Artefacts brought out of the water will be carefully documented and conservation techniques will be applied for their preservation. This is essential as artefacts which have been under the sea for long periods deteriorate quickly once exposed to air.

Containers with equipment and supplies for the Project are to arrive shortly from the UK courtesy Geest Shipping Line and an advanced team will arrive near the end of the month to set up the camp. The survey is expected to begin on April 2nd with the arrival of the participants which include persons from Denmark, UK, France, Italy, Canada, USA and Mexico.

The country is already receiving much promotion for the project in Europe. A camera crew is to accompany the team to record the project for the production of a documentary. It is hoped that residents of St. Kitts will benefit from the exposure it will bring. The general public is encouraged to visit the White House Bay site come April when the project is underway.

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