ADMAT's Work Shown on the Caribbean Wreck Heaven Film

The White House Bay Wreck, is the focal point on historic wreck diving

 in the Caribbean.

CARIBBEAN WRECK HEAVEN is the latest full-length DVD from diving veteran and former BBC newsman John Mcintyre.

Mcintyre has delivered another comprehensive guide to some of the best wrecks in the Caribbean. Specially commissioned by Sport Diver, this dvd covers the length and breadth of the Caribbean. It is without doubt, one of the most comprehensive DVD anywhere, on the huge variety of wrecks in the Caribbean.

John Mcintyre's latest adventure takes him to eight of the islands to film everything from the mighty Bianca C cruise liner in Grenada; the giant Greek vessel Stavronikita, Barbados; to the tragic British passenger liner the Rhone in the British Virgin Islands. In the Bahamas, Mcintyre visits the legendary James Bond wrecks and the new Hollywood film sites including a DC3 aircraft.

For St. Kitts; Mcintyre filmed the White House Bay Wreck, and used ADMAT's underwater footage to show this historic wreck, while the archaeological survey was being undertaken. 11 minutes were used to explain about this historic wreck. Interviews with Dr. Simon Spooner, add to the historical story of what ADMAT believe to be an English Troopship built around 1740s. The second wreck filmed in St. Kitts is the River Taw Wreck.

In the Florida Keys, this unique DVD features the impressive coastguard cutter the Duane and the incredible story of the sinking of the massive Navy ship Spiegal Grove.

A total of 100 minutes of pictures. BONUS features include "SHARK FRENZY" and "McINTYRE'S Pro Camera", plus useful information about dive centres and tourist boards. The DVD is available from the John Mcintyre's web page for just £19.99 plus pp.